The Taxi Shop awarded Dynamo Electric Taxi franchise covering South East and beyond

Commitment to 100% electric vehicle reflects optimism in a challenging market

Ampthill-based taxi supplier T​ he Taxi Shop​ now offers the UK’s only fully electric hackney cab to its UK customer base. Rob Breuilly, MD and owner of The Taxi Shop:

“The shift to hybrid and electric vehicles is inevitable and is happening faster than many think. The Taxi Shop prides itself on being innovative and winning this franchise for the new Nissan NV200 fully electric hackney taxi, known as the Dynamo, demonstrates our future strategy.”

The Dynamo is the world’s only 100% fully electric taxi with side wheel chair access. Part of its appeal are the astonishingly low running costs: fuel costs 3p per mile when charged at home off peak (diesel TX equivalent 25p per mile).

The Dynamo’s range Combined and City – WLTP 124 – 187 miles1 (Nissan tested range 174 miles) means it’s more than viable as a black cab. And with charging infrastructure now a major focus for government and the industry, fast-charge options on the move improve daily (see below).

Rob Breuilly:

“For this opportunity we looked carefully at the savings drivers and fleet owners can make over a five-year period. We calculate a £17,255.00 saving over five years against a typical new diesel minibus.2 Be in no doubt, the trade is gradually getting greener, driven by government and local authority regulations, and we are part of that journey. We believe the time is now for smart operators to take advantage of the savings a fully electric offers in the mid- and long-term.”

Green transport an inevitable trend

During the Pandemic UK market for new vehicles suffered its worst September since twice-yearly plate changes were introduced. Electric and hybrid vehicles buck this trend.

  • Pure-electric vehicle sales were up 184% year on year Sept 2019-Sept 2020. Pure electric vehicles make up 6.7% of total share for new vehicles so far in 2020.
  • For plug-in hybrids, the market is up 83.7% (42,277 vehicles registered so far in 2020).1 W​ LTP stands for ​Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure.​ The procedure works over a longer test cycle and with more acceleration and braking events, higher speeds and shorter times spent at standstill. In addition to this, optional equipment is taken into account for weight, aerodynamics and power consumption.

    2 ​These vehicles are £47,995.00. Based on the average equivalent diesel cab, working 25,000 miles per year will cost around £6,250.00 at around 25p per mile (diesel). The Dynamo Taxi will cost just 3p per mile, that’s a saving of £5,500.00 per year on fuel alone, allowing perhaps an extra £1,000.00 for two decent services that a diesel may require too. So that’s an upward saving of around £6,500.00 per year based on 25,000 miles. Over 5 years, that’s a combined saving of £32,500.00. Your average diesel hackney taxi brand new is around £36,500.00 plus your 5 year fuel and servicing cost of £32,500.00, taking you to the grand total of at least £69,000.00. The Dynamo comes in at £51,745.00 Inc your 5 year charging costs, that’s a £17,255.00 saving over 5 years.

Brian Bachelor of T​ he Dynamo Motor Company​ said:

“The Taxi Shop is the largest supplier of vehicles to the taxi trade in England and Wales and a great choice of franchise partner for us. Over 19 years Rob’s team has shown a commitment to quality and service that matches our own.”

Recharging the Dynamo Electric Taxi

There are four methods to recharge:

  1. The basic cable. This comes free with the vehicle which allows the taxi to be plugged into any “safety tested” 3 pin plug sockets. This will give the vehicle a charge rate of 3KW Hours on any domestic single phase 240V electrical supply.
  2. Home charging box. You can have a dedicated home charger box fitted to your house, or work place. Charges your vehicle at a rate of 6.6 KW Hours and is powered from a new 32-amp 240v single phase supply from your domestic consumer box.
  3. Rapid charging: 50 KW hour charging. These units are usually provided on a commercial basis i.e. by Charging Infrastructure suppliers such as Source London, ESB, Ecotricity and E-Volt. Rapid posts can recharge your taxi from empty to 80% charged in a time of approximately 40 – 60 minutes, however, less time if your battery is not completely empty. Rapid chargers are very useful for a quick top up during the working day with 15 minute bursts adding significant mileage to a Dynamo Taxi which can suit some drivers and their working patterns.
  4. 22 Kw Fast Chargers. Fast chargers are more economical to introduce and charge at 22 Kw hours. As they are cheaper to make and install there are likely to be more of this type of charger available and are a sensible choice if you have time to spare as the energy would also be less costly than a Rapid Charge.

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