Local Authorities

Department For Environment – Improving Air Quality Report December 2015

Perfect for Authorities with Clean Air targets

Local authorities are being encouraged to replace older taxis with a ‘Clean Air’ target. Older / diesel vehicles will be discouraged from entering towns and cities across the UK. This has been proven in other parts of Europe, where there has been a significant improvement in air quality.

We have a solution to pollution!

The Dynamo is a purpose built, wheelchair accessible, all electric Taxi.

Dynamo embraces the very latest technology from Nissan, whose reputation within the electric transport market is second to none. The Nissan Leaf is recognised as the market dominating vehicle within its price sector, we expect Dynamo will have the same impact in the licensed taxi industry. With zero emissions, very low running and maintenance costs and an attractive launch price of £47,995 after the £7,500 Government grant has been deducted. It is felt, because of its appeal to both the authorities and the Taxi trade that the Dynamo taxi is the future.

Dynamo set to work with Local Authorities

Dynamo will work with Local Authorities and provide demonstrations for drivers and licensing officers by bringing the Dynamo roadshow to your city. Working with charging infrastructure company’s specific to a region, Dynamo will ensure that the real facts about EV taxi ownership are accurately and honestly relayed to drivers, fleet owners and authority’s alike.

One option currently under review is that our vehicles can be leased/sold directly to Local authorities, who in turn can sub lease them to drivers, thus helping the drivers make the change within the time scales, under the guidance of the Local authority.

With Dynamo’s pricing and reliability, we believe Dynamo is part of the solution for the whole of the UK’s pollution problems.

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