Questions and Answers

What is the launch price of the taxi?

Answer – The price is £52,995 Inc VAT less £7,500 Government grants and subsidies leaving £45,495 to pay.


  1. What’s the real Range of the taxi?

Answer – The official Nissan range is 174 miles on a full charge, the WLTP (Real World) figure is 122 miles to 184 miles. The WLTP figure is an overall figure made up of motorway and urban driving, however, the Dynamo Taxi is very at home in an urban and congested environment and when driven sensibly should achieve towards the higher end of official range week in week out.


  1. Is there only one model specification for a Dynamo Taxi?

Answer – Currently there is only one Dynamo vehicle type which is based on the top of the range Nissan eNV200 Evalia MPV and as such comes fully loaded with every conceivable extra.


  1. Can I order a Dynamo taxi in different colours?

Answer – The standard colour is black but there are colour options by special order.


  1. What is the passenger capacity of a Dynamo Taxi?

Answer – 5 Persons.


  1. Is finance available to purchase a Dynamo taxi – I have a less than perfect credit rating – am I able to still get Finance?

Answer – Bespoke finance packages are available for all drivers to cater for their own circumstances including a less than perfect credit rating.


  1. Explain Government taxi subsidies?

Answer – There are two Hackney Carriage grants, the first of which has a value of £4,500 as a Plug In Taxi Grant (PITG) for vehicles that can achieve 70 miles or more on a single change, the second is London Specification Taxi Grant of £3,000 both of which Dynamo qualifies for.


  1. Will the recently announced (December 2018) delicensing grants and subsidies (London Only) be affected by current legislation?

Answer – If you take advantage of the delicensing scheme announced December 2018 this is paid in addition to the current PITG/Taxi Grant sum of £7,500.


  1. Can you explain home, fast and rapid charging?

Answer – Please refer to the charging page on our web site.


  1. I have heard rapid charging damages the battery is this correct?

Answer – We do not recommend exclusive 100% rapid charging of the battery, however the eNV200 Evalia has been developed as a commercial vehicle with heavy duty cycles including rapid charging. Best battery management practice is a mixture of fast and slow charging to balance the batteries state of charge.


  1. Can I take my taxi to any Nissan garage for Servicing and what does this cost?

Answer – All Nissan dealers have trained and qualified electrical technicians and equipment to safely and economically service the electric vehicles. Service intervals are 18,000 miles which typically cost between £90-£100 and a 36,000 mile service typically costing between £130-£150. At the 36,000 mile service brake fluid and the pollen filter are also changed.


  1. What do I do about spares/repairs?

Answer – Dynamo’s Electric Taxi is based on an eNV200 and as such is mass produced and not a niche vehicle, therefore spare parts pricing and availability are reflected in this.


14. What are the running cost’s of the taxi?

Answer – We would conservatively expect the Dynamo Taxi to run between 3.6 and 4 miles per K/w hour. This equates to a range of between 144 and 160 miles with charging costs between 3p per mile (home charge/off peak)  and 7p per mile depending on type of charger, type of charge eg fast/rapid charge and supplier tariffs.


15. Can I use the heater when it’s cold/air co when its hot, will the battery stand it, what happens in the rain?

Answer – Planned vehicle temperature setting though using pre-heat or pre-cool via a phone app helps minimise the loss of range whether hot or cold conditions. More information can be found on our Driver Tips page. The vehicle has been proven through rigorous testing for all climate conditions including heavy rain and storms.


  1. I’m 6ft 2 will I fit in to a Dynamo Taxi?

Answer – The Dynamo Taxi has been developed with the driver in mind and as such taller drivers will find they have ample leg room.


  1. How and where can I book a test drive?

Answer – Please call the sales number or fill in the contacts page.