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Dynamo set to cause an Electric storm as details of costs and savings are released

The first 100% electric and emission free taxi is set for release in London this year offering a much needed alternative choice with a substantial price differential.

The new Dynamo taxi is set for a retail price of £45,495 (after government subsidies/grants)

The Dynamo All Electric Taxi, built in Order Xanax Online Europe by Dynamo Motor Company, is based on a Nissan e NV 200 Evalia MPV and can ferry around 5 passengers in comfort.

A new Electric Taxi made with the driver in mind

The new electric taxi also has another huge selling point. Dynamo have said it will cost less than £30 per week in electricity for the majority and will become the most cost effective taxi in the UK.

If the driver has the facility to have a home charger installed it will cost about £6 to do 174 miles, as opposed to around £35-£40 in current diesel taxis. That’s just 3p per mile, plus servicing is a fraction of the price too.

Alprazolam Powder Buy, Alprazolam Australia Online

“Dynamo Motor Company are respectfully and humbly entering into the licensed Hackney carriage market. The Dynamo Taxi isn’t for everybody, but for those who ply their trade in the City, for those who are open to change and can see the benefits of Electric, it fits perfectly.

 This is a Game Changing Cab!

“The range of 174 miles really is a game changer in the Online Xanax Reviews market, it helps to remove any anxieties regarding range that drivers perceive. Being the only 100% zero emissions Taxi, drivers who sit in their “office” for up to 12 hours will no longer be breathing in their own poisonous fumes.

“With proven reliability worldwide, running costs of around 3p per mile (home charging) the Dynamo offers huge savings for drivers in the Taxi world.”

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