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Dynamo Motor Company

The Dynamo Electric Taxi is the emission-free future, it’s 100% electric and ready to order!

Dynamo Electric Taxi

For the Driver

  • All electric drivetrain proven over billions of miles of use around the world
  • Nimble size of vehicle, ideal for urban motoring
  • Instant and powerful acceleration from it’s 109PS drivetrain
  • WLTP City and Combined Cycle – 124 – 187 miles.
  • Multiple charging options
  • Climate controlled cabin ergonomically designed to eliminate physical aches

For the Passenger

  • Superior hackney carriage interior with comfortable seating for 5 people
  • 3 forwards, 2 rear facing seats – all with ample leg room
  • Quality soft touch materials
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Easy access doors
  • Low electric step
  • Luggage space
  • Opening rear windows

For Business

  • A government grant of £7,500.00 applies to this vehicle
  • ‘Fuel’ costs of only 3p per mile estimated based on charging at home
  • Service costs substantially reduced
  • No congestion / ULEZ charges
  • Unparalleled reliability

Smarter Driver

With the Dynamo Taxi – You Are Connected!

Technical Spec

Summary Spec

ModelDynamo Taxi
Drive train100% electric 109PS 'automatic'
RangeWLTP City and Combined Cycle – 124 – 187 miles. *
Gross Vehicle Weight2,220 Kg (laden)

*See full specification for details

Electric Taxi


  • AC Standard, Fast and DC Rapid charging compatible
  • Rapid charge – Charges in 40 – 60 minutes*
  • Fast charge – 100% charge in 4 hours**
  • Home charge 7kw – 100% charge in 7h**
  • Charging solutions and funding options for all ownership and use scenarios

*based on 40 kWh battery size.
**based on 40 kWh battery size with 6.6kW onboard rectifier.