COVID-19 Announcement

Dynamo have today decided that in line with Government guidelines we will temporarily close our production facility in Coventry.

This decision is also taken in response to the impact that COVID-19 has had on our supply chain and the potential impact on the health and well-being of our employees. As yet, we do not have a fixed return date, but we remain positive that whenever that time arrives, the Dynamo Taxi will play a very important role in sustaining a greener and safer environment for all.

Dynamo Founder – Brendan O’Toole


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Welcome to the
Dynamo Motor Company

The Dynamo Electric Taxi is the emission-free future, it’s 100% electric and ready to order!

Dynamo Electric Taxi

For the Driver

  • All electric drivetrain proven over billions of miles of use around the world
  • Nimble size of vehicle, ideal for urban motoring
  • Instant and powerful acceleration from it’s 109PS drivetrain
  • Over 170 miles per charge
  • Multiple charging options
  • Climate controlled cabin ergonomically designed to eliminate physical aches

For the Passenger

  • Superior hackney carriage interior with comfortable seating for 5 people
  • 3 forwards, 2 rear facing seats – all with ample leg room
  • Quality soft touch materials
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Easy access doors
  • Low electric step
  • Luggage space
  • Opening rear windows

For Business

  • A government grant of £7,500.00 applies to this vehicle
  • ‘Fuel’ costs of only 3p per mile estimated based on charging at home
  • Service costs substantially reduced
  • No congestion / ULEZ charges
  • Unparalleled reliability

Smarter Driver

With the Dynamo Taxi – You Are Connected!

Technical Spec

Summary Spec

ModelDynamo Taxi
Drive train100% electric 109PS 'automatic'
RangeOver 170 miles*
Gross Vehicle Weight2,220 Kg (laden)

*See full specification for details

Electric Taxi


  • AC Standard, Fast and DC Rapid charging compatible
  • Rapid charge – Charges in 40 – 60 minutes*
  • Fast charge – 100% charge in 4 hours**
  • Home charge 7kw – 100% charge in 7h**
  • Charging solutions and funding options for all ownership and use scenarios

*based on 40 kWh battery size.
**based on 40 kWh battery size with 6.6kW onboard rectifier.