Why Dynamo? Why 100% Electric?

Dynamo – because customers like it emission free.

As human we pride ourselves on individuality. However, apart from our need for clean air and other elements, most of us do have something in common, from time to time we require the use of a taxi, we sit in the rear looking out of the window, watching people go about their daily business, relaxing for those few minutes whilst we are being chauffeured.

We wouldn’t feel quite so relaxed however if we knew that our pleasure is at the cost of someone else’s pain, maybe one day even our own? That’s right, our beloved taxi may be causing harmful pollution locally and nationally, especially if it’s a diesel powered vehicle.

A recent report by Greenpeace and The Guardian has highlighted the fact that hundreds of thousands of children and millions of adults are being exposed to illegal levels of emissions. This is not just in the UK’s major cities but towns and even busy villages too. Their report shows that 1000’s of nurseries and schools are close to roads where nitrogen oxide levels exceed the legal limit of 40ug/m3, which is micrograms per cubic metre of air.

This exposure is more than just harmful, it can cause premature death.  It also inhibits lung growth in young people and is almost certain to cause them problems in later life too.

The taxi is a popular feature of almost every suburban area and as such is a pathfinder, it can lead the way to a cleaner, healthier future. The new Dynamo 100% electric taxi is one of the leading solutions to the issue – as it is emission free at point of use. In the UK this takes on even more significance when we find that the 21st of April 2017 was the first day for over 100 years that none of our electricity came from coal fuelled power stations.  This can only be seen as good news and we hope this soon becomes the norm. This reduction in pollutants came from the power generation industry – as drivers we can do our bit too by choosing an electric vehicle and helping to enhance our quality of life.

So, next time you hail a taxi and look forwards to feeling great as your driver powers you around, spare a thought for those who are being polluted by your journey. On the other hand, if you’re one of the fortunate few but ever increasing number of passengers in an electric taxi, relax, the only sufferer on your journey is probably an oil company CEO, and they’ve had plenty of warning.