Local Authorities

Department For Environment – Improving Air Quality Report December 2015

With ‘Clean Air’ targets for 2020, local authorities are being encouraged to replace old diesel, buses, lorries and taxis. They will be discouraged from entering towns and cities across the UK. This has been proven in Germany and Denmark, where there has been a significant improvement in air quality.

One of the main reasons our cities continue to have air quality problems is the failure of diesel vehicles to deliver expected emission reductions in real world driving conditions – even modern diesel engines. This was demonstrated recently by major manufacturers who could achieve low emissions in laboratory test conditions, but when these same vehicles were MOT’d they failed the emission tests in many cases.

The Nissan e-NV200, adapted to become a purpose built, wheel chair accessible, all electric Dynamo Taxi is the answer.

Built in our factory in Coventry, the Dynamo vehicle embraces the very latest technology from Nissan, whose reputation within the electric transport market is second to none. The Nissan Leaf is recognised as a market dominating vehicle within its price sector. The e-NV200 Dynamo will have the same dominance in the Taxi industry, with zero tail pipe emissions, very low running and maintenance costs.  As taxis they are the future, and it’s with us now.

Dynamo Motor Company will work with Local Authorities to install charging points, specific for taxis. One local authority is so impressed that they are offering free electricity for 3 years from their own charging points to encourage drivers to switch to wheel chair, all electric, purpose built taxis.

One option is that they can be leased directly to Local authorities, who in turn can sub lease them to drivers, thus helping the drivers make the change within the time scales, under the guidance of the Local authority.

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