Fleet and Single Operators

Future Proof

With the changing world that is under pressure from Diesel engines emitting poisonous gases, the Dynamo, being 100% electric and emitting zero tailpipe emissions is at the forefront of the Taxi world. With predicted strong residual values going forward, the Dynamo is also a sound business investment.

Like any business the whole purpose is to maximise profit, whilst giving customers a pleasurable experience. Dynamo will achieve all of this with a drive train proven to be reliable over millions of miles over the past 7 years. With fuel costs, as well as servicing costs drastically reduced and Government grants available for purchases, the time to take a close look at the new Dynamo is now. Dynamo are very confident that the new Taxi will deliver much lower running costs than any of its fossil fed counterparts.

The Nissan configured Dynamo has proved itself over millions of miles and countless battery cycles. It is recognised as one of the most reliable electric vehicles on the road, indeed it has been adopted as the new New York Cab.

There is always a Nissan dealership close by and as Dynamo grows there will be more specialist Dynamo Stockists available. 

Knowing that a Taxi is the livelihood of the operator / driver, Dynamo have made driver comfort a priority. The Dynamo driver’s seat has been designed to eliminate the physical aches that so often occur when many hours have been spent behind the wheel.

Zero Emissions

Every town in the UK now has this as an objective to be achieved within a limited time frame as per the 2020 Clean Air Zones directive. Your taxi fleet needs to evolve over the coming years to cater for this change.


The Nissan based Dynamo has proven itself over millions of miles and countless battery cycles and is recognised as one of the most reliable electric vehicles on the road.

Servicing and Repair

With access to the UK’s Nissan dealership network, your Dynamo is never far from support. With its low maintenance needs we can confidentially predict your Dynamo will offer you significantly lower running costs than any fossil fuelled taxi.


The Dynamo is based on a Nissan – as such is developed and equipped with the world’s leading automotive technologies. This will ensure your Dynamo has been built to remain at the forefront of the automotive world for many years to come.

Driver Comfort

The Dynamo has been built with driver comfort a priority. Spending countless hours behind the wheel in whatever weather and driving conditions, your drivers need to feel comfortable. Our seats and driving position have been designed for extensive use without causing many of the physical issues associated with long hours behind the wheel.


The Dynamo has a range of over 170 miles. Fast recharging at local stations or overnight at home will ensure you’re never far from a charge.

Journey Cycles

The quoted average taxi journey is approximately 6 miles which with access to the nation’s growing recharging network means you’re never far from easy re-charging.