Dynamo Taxi

Driver Facts

  • All electric drivetrain proven over 2.5bn miles of use around the world
  • Nimble size of vehicle, ideal for urban motoring
  • Instant and powerful acceleration from it’s 109PS drivetrain
  • Over 100 miles per charge and economy mode for more
  • Multiple charging options
  • Climate controlled cabin with
    comfortable driving position and seat

Business Facts

  • Retail Price £39,995.00 inc VAT on the road
  • Government subsidy £4,500.00 included
  • ‘Fuel’ costs of only 3p per mile estimated based on charging at home
  • Service costs reduced by 30%
    (source Lex Auto)
  • No emission zone charges, anywhere
  • Free parking at some locations
  • Lowest possible down time, very reliable

Dynamo Service

Your new Dynamo taxi comes with a full 5 year warranty to cover all key components. We have the full support of the Nissan national network for the drivetrain and all standard parts plus our own back up ‘flying spanners’ for the taxi components.

Wherever you are, we’re already there or on our way!

Passenger Facts

  • Superior London based cab interior with seating for 5 people
  • Stunning panoramic roof for an open spacious feel
  • All electric windows
  • USB and connectivity options front and rear

Charging Up

  • AC Standard, Fast and DC Rapid charging compatible
  • Standard charge – 100% charge in 10h*
  • Fast charge – 100% charge in 4 hours*
  • Rapid charge – 80% charge in 30 minutes**
  • Charging solutions and funding options for all ownership and use scenarios

*based on 24kWh battery size with 6.6kW onboard rectifier.
**based on 24kWh battery size.

What People Say